About Anthony & 6 Point Plan


Anthony Shorten grew up as the youngest of eight kids in a housing commission residence in Coopers Plains, Queensland in a community where his family has resided for over 60 years.

Launching his career immediately after school as a sales assistant at Target Australia, Anthony leveraged his steadfast commitment to service in his subsequent roles.

In 2012, the people of Algester recognized Anthony’s dedication, electing him to the Queensland State Parliament. During his tenure, he led vital community initiatives, such as enhancing the safety features around Boronia Heights State School and fostering the founding of the Hillcrest Neighbourhood Watch, which remains active to date.

Before embarking on his quest for Logan City Council, Anthony has garnered a rich professional background, including a role as a senior ward advisor at Brisbane City Council, where he champions residents’ concerns.

His dedication to customer service roles for over 30 years encompasses notable tenure at organizations such as Visy Industries, and at both state and federal government levels.

Alongside working full time, Anthony accomplished a certificate in Training and Assessment, teaching business to international students. A Logan resident for over two decades, Anthony cherishes his community ties, embracing hobbies like politics, reading, and touch football, and valuing time spent with his family.

Anthony has consistently advocated for community welfare, illustrated vividly in his successful campaign against installing traffic lights at a dangerous turn on Beaudesert Road — a campaign that culminated in the construction of a much-needed underpass.

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Safe Communities

Advocacy for design principles that prioritize crime prevention in new developments. Implementing measures to curb hooning, including the use of special bitumen mix at known hotspots to deter reckless driving.

Better Connectivity for Seniors and Children

Conducting an audit of footpaths to facilitate easier access to essential amenities. Collaborative engagements with schools and retirement villages to address connectivity gaps.

Improved and Challenging Playgrounds

Assessing existing playgrounds for potential upgrades. Envisioning the establishment of an iconic adventure playground in Division 7.

Better Public Transport

Persistent advocacy for the Salisbury to Beaudesert Rail Line to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance connectivity. A comprehensive review of active transport options in the division.

Greening Our Suburbs

Initiating community street tree planting programs. Encouraging community-run gardens to aid residents in mitigating living costs.

Value for Our Rates

Commitment to ensuring value for money in council rate expenditure. Advocacy against escalating state government charges on essential services.