Anthony Shorten’s Vision for a Renewed Logan City Council

Logan City, nestled in the heart of South East Queensland, Australia, is a bustling hub known for its dynamic spirit and strong sense of community. In recent times, the city’s governance has seen its fair share of ups and downs, no doubt impacting the lives of its vibrant community. Amidst these waves of change, Logan’s local councillors have faced both successes and tough challenges. Now stepping up to this dynamic council environment is Anthony Shorten, a seasoned community advocate with his eyes set on Division 7 for Logan City Council (Including Boronia Heights, Browns Plains, Forestdale, Hillcrest, and part of Park Ridge and Regents Park). Anthony isn’t just running for office; he’s eager to write a new chapter in Logan’s story, one filled with integrity, progress, and a deep commitment to the city he has called home for more than 20 years.

Anthony Shorten Division 7 Brisbane City Council
Anthony Shorten is a proven Community Advocate for Logan City

Early Governance and Foundations 

The history of Logan City Councillors dates back to the 19th century, with their initial focus on building a foundation for today’s Logan City in the heart of South East Queensland. These early councillors prioritised infrastructure, public services, and land management, balancing growth with preserving Logan’s unique character. Their decisions laid the groundwork for the community-focused governance that would define the city’s development, highlighting the importance of the role of city councillors in shaping the community’s future.

20th Century –  Challenges and Growth 

Throughout the 20th century, Logan City Councillors faced the challenges of adapting to population growth, urbanisation, and economic changes. These councillors were key in steering the city through a period of significant industrial and residential development, establishing robust public services and promoting community welfare. They were instrumental in maintaining Logan’s cultural and environmental integrity, a testament to their commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth.

Recent Challenges |Scandals and Reformation

In recent years, Logan City Councillors faced one of their most significant challenges: a corruption scandal that led to the 2019 dismissal of the entire council. This crisis underscored the need for transparent and ethical governance. The aftermath saw a shift towards more stringent oversight and ethical governance practices among Logan City Councillors, aimed at restoring public trust and ensuring accountability in the council. This period of reformation signified a pivotal moment for the council, ushering in an era of renewed ethical commitment and governance practices.

Anthony Shorten |A New Chapter for Division 7 

Against this backdrop of reformation and renewal, Anthony Shorten stands as a beacon of hope and change for Division 7. His campaign is grounded in the principles of transparency, community engagement, and sustainable development—ideals that he believes are essential for the future Logan City Councillors. Shorten aims to address contemporary challenges such as environmental sustainability, technological advancement, and cultural inclusion, demonstrating his readiness to contribute meaningfully to the council. His dedication to ethical leadership and innovative solutions positions him as a key player in the next chapter of Logan City’s governance story.


Anthony Shorten’s candidacy for Division 7 symbolises a new era in the history of Logan City Councillors. His vision for ethical, inclusive, and progressive leadership offers a path forward for a community ready to embrace its future potential. You can read more about Anthony’s Six Point Plan Here